"Huspa is a grandiose place. But not in the manner of a manicured hotel or a Disney Resort. Just the opposite. Huspa is grandiose in its naturalness. It's a place that is comfortable in its own skin and helps you to be that way too. It is 350 acres of natural habitat for the birds, horses, and other animals.

And yes, for us humans too. It is simply and magnificently awe inspiring. A place that if you allow, can jolt you out of old ways of seeing the world and experience being in the moment of the raw beauty of Huspa. A place where wisdom, serenity and renewal sits waiting for you if you choose to let it in.

Huspa is an old Indian name of unknown origins. It's a place of everywhere and "everywhen" - a "thin place." To the Indians thin places were places that enabled connection, inspiration or renewal. A place where you breathe differently, lose your bearings and are momentarily transformed, blended in the oneness of it all.

The ancient pagan Celts, and later, Christians, used the term thin places to describe mesmerizing places. Heaven and earth, the Celtic saying goes, are only three feet apart, but in thin places that distance is even shorter.

Huspa is comfortable in its own skin and its own nature- "suchness" the Buddhists would say- and helps you to be that way too.

So come visit. Visit the river. Visit the horses. Visit the angel oaks. Visit the local bars with the colorful Lowcountry characters. Get married, have a retreat, plan an adventure. Or come rest, renew. Come unmask. It's a rare thing to experience a place like Huspa."